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Heraklion Museum The Taurador. Fresco from Knossos (15th c. B.C)

H 302 35X45

Heraklion Museum. Female figure with sacred node, known as La Parisienne. Fresco from Knossos (1500-1450 B.C)

H 304 35X45

Heraklion Museum. The Prince with the lilies. Coloured relief from Knossos (16th century B.C)

H 305 35X45

Heraklion Museum. Goddesses Snake from faience. From Knossos (around 1600 B.C)

H 306 35X45

Heraklion Museum. The Dolphins Fresco. From Knossos (around 1600 BC)

H 307 35X45

Heraklion Museum. The Lily fresco. From the Villa of Amnissos (around 1600 B.C)

H 308 35X45

Heraklion Museum. The ladies with blue. Fresco from Knossos. (16th c. B.C)

H 311 35X45

The Palace of Knossos. Customs House and the North Entrance with the relief fresco for the charging bull.

H 312 35X45

The Palace of Knossos. The Queens Megaron and its light-well.

H 314 35X45

The Palace of Knossos. The Throne Room with the fresco of griffins.

No 1 35X45

Museum Olympia The marble statue of Hermes of Praxiteles 330 B.C

No 2 35X45

Museum Olympia. The Head of Hermes of Praxiteles 330 B.C

No 4 35X45

Museum Olympia. The figure of Apollo from the west pediment of the temple of Zeus.

No 30 35X45

Ancient Olympia. The temple of Hera. View from S.W

No 31 35X45

Ancient Olympia. The arena (view from S.). In the background the hill of Kronios.

No 32 35X45

Ancient Olympia. The crypt. View from E.

No 33 35X45

Ancient Olympia. The stadium . View from W.

No 3 35X45

Museum Olympia The Nike of Paionios.

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